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Whilst Amateur Radio has a great history of invention 

and service to both business and the general public as a whole,

 this website is dedicated to the sailing fraternity 

with the primary objective of providing information and training facility

 as it applies to “Safety at Sea through Wireless Communication”.


If  you plan any blue water sailing, we invite you to

 join us to make your adventure safer and to

 embrace a new and fascinating world of communication.







Charles Leggatt VE3CFL


Accredited Examiner

L. Col. KStG

VE3CFL, is President and Founder of the Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club (M.A.R.C.).  He has his Basic, Morse and Advanced Certification with the Department of Communication, Government of Canada.  He is also an Accredited Examiner for all stages of the Certificate of Proficiency in Amateur Radio.

 From 1941, he served with the Royal Corps of Signals in several spheres through the '39-'45 War.  Charles has an engineering background that is complemented by executive marketing experience.  He is married to Dianne Leggatt, who is also a ham.  His interest in sailing has covered many years.  For the work in the field of "Safety at Sea through Wireless Communication", Charles was recognized as Sailor of the Year 2001 by The Spring Thaw Luncheon.  That same year this work brought him recognition from Radio Amateurs of Canada; the group named him as Radio Amateur of the Year 2001.  He received the Marconi Award from the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador for his work in organizing the communication for the 1997 Flotilla, a fleet of seventy-four vessels that sailed to Newfoundland from Toronto in commemoration of the arrival of John Cabot to the shores of Newfoundland five hundred years earlier in 1497.






Dianne Leggatt VA3DDL

Vice President

B.A., M.Ed.

VA3DDL, is Vice President and Founder of Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club.  She has her Basic and Morse Certification.

She has been intimately involved with and supported the organization of M.A.R.C. since it's inception in the early 1990's.  She is the power behind the scenes with her skills in computer technology and photography.   Over the years, Dianne and Charles have opened their home to the many sailors who have pursued their certification in ham radio.  Dianne plans to get her Advanced Certification so that she, too, may become an Accredited Examiner.


Jeff Daigle VE3VLT

Vice President

VE3VLT is Vice President of Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club.  He has his Advanced, Morse Certification and is an Accredited Examiner.

Jeff works in the information technology field and is fascinated with amateur radio.  He brings a depth of knowledge and creativity to the Club.

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Congratulations to 

Jeff D'Aigle VE3VLT,

who has recently become our 

Second Vice President 



The Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club

Phone:  416 486 6025  

Fax:  416 486 0417

Email:  ve3cfl@rac.ca


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