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Comments from students!

Excerpts from just a few of the letters we receive from many happy sailors and hams ... 

Dear Charles:

My wife, Ulrike and I have been offshore sailors for well over 15 years and during that time have logged more than 15000 ocean miles.  Although we are not MARC graduates, we support the philosophy of the importance of ham radio aboard vessels at sea.  As illustrations, I would like to relay three incidents which occurred during our most recent Caribbean voyage.

In December 2002, en route from Bermuda to Ponce , Puerto Rico , I developed a severe infection of a wisdom tooth.  During our daily, morning check-in with the Mississauga Maritime Net, Dr Ernie Meyers (VE3 EGM) advised us as to the appropriate medical treatment.  It took five more days at sea before we reached Ponce .  A local dentist then pulled the tooth.  The kind support of Dr Ernie and the Net was crucial.

In 2003 The Mississauga Net facilitated a telephone patch enabling Ulrike to talk to her widowed mother in Toronto , reassuring her that we had arrived safely in Haiti .  From our remote location in Haiti , communication would have otherwise been impossible.  The joy and relief in her mother's voice was immeasurable.

Several months later, while in Jamaica , Ulrike's family relayed a message that her aunt had died in Europe .  The Mississauga Net not only relayed this message, but again facilitated a telephone patch between Ulrike and her family in Toronto enabling them to make funeral arrangements within hours of the death of her aunt. 

These communications would not have occurred without our Ham radio and the dedication of the Mississauga Maritime Net.  We encourage you to keep up your important work with sailors and Amateur Radio.

Best wishes,

Ulrike (VA3 UKC) and Glenn (VA3 BOP) Cleland

S/V Bird of Passage


I just want to thank you and Dianne for making my Amateur Radio learning experience very enjoyable and rewarding. I appreciate your mentoring me and allowing me to be part of this very special fraternity. I look forward with great anticipation becoming a contributing member of MARC.

 In the mean time I wish you health and happiness and many more years of furthering the marine armature radio hobbyist in Canada .    

Regards,  _______________________ ~ ˜̃ ~_/)~~˜̃ ~~~

Ibby El-Raheb (VA3IYR)

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream.  Discover.  
--Mark Twain  

From Kin (VA3WKM - Grad #273) on board S/V Rhapsody:  "We are about 200 miles NW of Cape Verde in the Atlantic on our way back home.  Thanks very much for helping me on the Morse code.  Every time I work my rig or write an email on the winlink system, I thought about you.  God Bless you, Charles."

From Peter (VA3PTA - Grad # 77) and Moya:  "We are now in Beaufort NC and planning to go offshore to the eastern Caribbean on Friday, weather permitting. I can’t say how much we value our Ham status- all thanks to you. We will be forever grateful."

From  Celine and Marcel (VA3 MDI - Grad # 177):  "I would like to thank you again for all the help and encouragement you gave me in obtaining my ham licence."

From Michael VE0DIXand Gail.  and VA3DIX . As your 268th and 269th graduates we want to tell you again how very much we appreciated your assistance and encouragement. We feel privileged indeed to have been the recipients of your expert mentoring….. Thanks to you, the experience was not only instructive, but actually fun. We look forward to building on the foundation you have provided for us. I can’t imagine voyaging without Ham Radio

From Chris (VE0MAC) and Anni (VE1MDI):  "We are continually grateful for your help in getting us into the Ham system- It truly is a fantastic experience to be able to keep in touch."

From Albert (VA3GET - Grad 119) and Andrew (VA3ANM - Grad 120):  "Just a short note to say Thanks!  for your help and patience."

From Johan Pederson (VEONLI - Grad #283) to David Anderson (VA3SSE - Grad #123) who helped Joan purchase and install his Ham gear on board:  "Thank you again for your help. I feel like a seagull what has had a broken wing for two years, and suddenly gained the ability to fly. Also, please pass on my thanks to Charles Leggatt, without his persistence that even old chaps like me could be taught new tricks, this would not be possible. Regards Johan."














Congratulations to 

Jeff D'Aigle VE3VLT,

who has recently become our 

Second Vice President 



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