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Hardware and Installation

Installation is the most vital part of your program of wireless communication at sea. There are many sources of advice on this stage.  That advice comes with respect to what you require:  radio communication and/or fax email,  and weather facility. Once you have decided the communication facilities you need then there is the matter of the hardware involved and who is going to install it. Should there be more than one system involved, then it must be compliant with itís counterpart such as the high frequency (HF) rig and its tuner and it with the fax system etc.  In other words, for the best efficiency of communication, all systems must be compatible.

Rule No. 1:   Before you purchase any one of the several units involved, check with your installer to make sure all are compliant with what presently exists on your boat.  Or, if you lack any part of the required system, what would be the best-balanced approach to your needs?

Rule No. 2:  Get a reference from your installer so that you are satisfied that he or she has done similar work successfully in the past.  If in doubt phone this website for advice. The Adobe Acrobat PDF article, Hardware and Installation  from Standsure Marine (David Anderson - VA3 SSE) will also give you some guidance on the process.  


Technical Support???

If you require technical support with respect to your computer &/or ham radio, you may wish to contact

    Jeff Daigle (VE3VLT) at

    416 671 7521 or at 
















Congratulations to 

Jeff D'Aigle VE3VLT,

who has recently become our 

Second Vice President 



The Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club

Phone:  416 486 6025  

Fax:  416 486 0417

Email:  ve3cfl@rac.ca


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