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The History of M.A.R.C.

Charles Leggatt (See 'The Executive' for details)

President and Founder,  in his 'shack' with BP (Black Prince)

Marconi Award 1997  

Canadian Amateur of the Year 2001

Yachtsman of the Year 2001 

The forming of the Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club came about because of a near fatal tragedy at sea by some of Charles Leggatt's  sailing friends. Finding them selves in a storm of such magnitude that there seemed little or no hope of survival, they could do nothing except pray.  With only a wireless receiver on board, they could hear other vessels calling for assistance but they could not send  messages, for they had no transmitter. (Incidentally, there is similar story which affected another very competent sailor, the now world famous weather forecaster, Herb Hilgenberg.)  In both cases the sailors had no means of communicating their situation to the various search and rescue facilities available. 

It was some time in 1990 that a telephone call by the now “safe and sound” crew was made to Charles.  The caller advised him that he and his friends would never ever go to sea again without a single side band transceiver on their vessels. His question was simply “How do we go about getting our Amateur Radio Certification?”   Charles met with them at the Toronto Sailing and Canoe Club to discuss their concerns.  The discussion, along with a little support from a local brew, led Charles to accept the challenge to teach them. 

There were some eight or nine male and female sailors in that first class. They came to Charles and Dianne's home each Monday night for a period of some six months.  All passed the Basic Exam and Morse Code Test to receive their Certification in Amateur Radio. 

Since then, over three hundred and fifty men and women, all sailors, have taken the vital and interesting step of gaining their certification. 

The teaching process has changed from the weekly, home program at 3 Baker to more of an open university system. The change came about to meet the needs of members of the sailing community who come from all over Ontario as far north as Blind River and from outside the province as far east as Newfoundland. The flow of students requesting the opportunity to get ham licenses continues at a steady pace.

Herb Hilgenberg was once asked,  “How many live do you think you have saved?”   He answered, “I gave up counting at twenty five."

To date, of the three hundred or more sailors that have taken the ham radio study course through M.A.R.C.,  NOT ONE has lost his or her life at sea.













Congratulations to 

Jeff D'Aigle VE3VLT,

who has recently become our 

Second Vice President 



The Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club

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