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Study Materials

The decision of what and where to obtain the necessary study guides for amateur radio will depend on where you live and are able to study. If you join a ham club in your location, they will either provide or guide you to where you can obtain the correct materials for the Basic/Morse or Advanced study exams.

Alternatively, there are two main sources available both of which can be contacted thru this website. Radio Amateurs of Canada is a totally comprehensive source of most if not all the information you might require other than Hardware and Installation.  It will provide you with the information on available study material and how it can be purchased. Morse instruction is also available. All the questions that might be asked in the Basic and or the Advanced exam are there to download. There is a list of available call signs for those who would like the opportunity of choosing their own. The new student would be wise to spend time researching this excellent website to appreciate its facilities. 

Part of the Basic exam requires knowledge of “Rules and Regulations”.   Download RIC-2 and RIC-3 here, the two documents you will need. They are vital to your studies, since there are a significant number of R&R questions on the Basic exam.

You may also wish to generate your own exams.  You can download an examination generating program from RAC and generate as many versions as you wish.

The other source of study materials is Radio World  where they sell the study guides in both paperback and on disk. Morse tapes or disks are also available along with the practice morse keyer’s that can later be converted to serve on your vessel or on land. Their brochure covers all your ham gear requirements.

Failing that facility, we suggest that you call Charles Leggatt at 416 486 6025 or e-mail him.  If you are take the course with MARC, then all the study material is provided.

Have a nice day and welcome to the wonderful hobby of amateur radio.












Congratulations to 

Jeff D'Aigle VE3VLT,

who has recently become our 

Second Vice President 



The Toronto Marine Amateur Radio Club

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